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Sequencing Under the Microscope with Michael Lucey

  • The Yoga Solution 5290 Elvas Avenue Sacramento, CA 95819 USA (map)

Brief Description: We often think of sequencing as the order of poses from the beginning of the class to the end, but sequencing is more than that. It can also happen within a single asana, in the way that you work through different aspects of the pose. Or supposing you do the same asana several times, how will your attention shift each time? What is your goal as you construct a sequence?

“The structure of evolution and progress in all things has its own inner logic and harmony. This is sequence, or krama ,” BKS Iyengar wrote. He was commenting on one of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras: krama anyatvam parinama anyatve hetuh. Iyengar translates this sutra as “Successive sequential changes cause the distinctive changes in the consciousness,” and he comments that, “differences in changes in consciousness are caused by the changing order of sequences in the method of practice.” Our focus in the workshop will be on how sequencing can be harmonious and logical not only from pose to pose, but also on the level of each individual pose.

Our goal will be to explore the paths that lead to “distinctive changes in the consciousness.” Our sequence will include standing poses, seated twists, backward extensions, and inversions.